Canadian director living in Los Angeles.

I started my career as a cinematographer in Toronto. After a few years I shifted focus to directing. In my first year as a director I made 3 music videos that wen't "Viral" and won several awards including, Cannes Young Director Award Gold & MMVA Director of The Year.

See below Thugli - "Run This"



Making commercials was the next move. I've since made commercials for brands like American Express, Budweiser, Saks Fifth Avenue, Beats by Dre & Tiger Beer.

See below Tiger - "Sit Closer"


Pitching & Treatments

This website is an example of how I like to pitch projects. Interactive web pages, easily viewed across devices. Controlled environments for clients and agency viewing.

Below is a link to a recent pitch for The Creator Class, a creative incubator funded by Canon.


It would be great to connect!

I would love to get on a call or even meet at the Cannes Lions this year anyone from Somsuch will be in attendance! I will be there premiering my latest music video and an Ad campaign for Beats by Dre.

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